Lost Car Title?

Did you know that you may need to go to court to convince a judge that you have title to your vehicle? Truly. However, theses cases are “winnable,” with the right strategy.

Call Cameron today to discuss your challenging vehicle titling issues.

Missouri and Kansas differ in how they regulate drivers.

Missouri operates on a points system. Generally, getting 8 points in 18 months, or 12 in 12 months results in a suspension of your license.

Kansas uses a system of “moving violations,” any three of which within 12 months will result in a suspension of your license. K.S.A. 92-52-9 outlines the violations comprising the “moving violations.”

Thus, in theory, it is possible to receive three 2-point violations in Missouri and not be suspended, but three similar moving violations in Kansas could result in a suspension.

Many facts must be taken into account before these generalities can be applied to your specific situation (like, where you are licensed and where you are cited), so call today to discuss your traffic tickets.


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