DWI on I-70?

Plenty of people in and around the metro come to KC for its great sports and entertainment environment. If you live within 20 minutes of the sports complex, P&L, or your favorite hangouts, count yourself lucky. Many others have to get on the highway for significant mileage before arriving at the party, or getting back home.

With the end of the baseball season in the distance, and football just around the corner, keep in mind that there is a fair chance that you will be targeted for investigation if you are driving on I-70 at certain times, regardless if you came from the game or a bar.

Common reasons for being stopped include speeding, weaving, erratic speed, headlight/taillight out, license plate out, turn signal out, expired registration, or even following too close! Then, if there is something for the police to key in on once they talk to you, other consequences quickly come into play.

Not only that, highway stops and highway patrol investigations present their own challenges. We are prepared to meet them all, however.

In case you’re wondering, Cameron is an attorney licensed in Kansas AND Missouri.

We get out east to Booneville, and west to Topeka, give or take. If you have been cited on I-70 for moving violations, drug crimes, or DWI/DUI, give Cameron a call.

Just didn’t notice that the school year had begun? Usually do not drive through the zone during the posted school hours, but you did today?

You were only going 40 mph, but this happens to be 15 over because of the school zone.

A return to the school year means that law enforcement will be enforcing traffic laws in the school zones throughout the area.

If you get a ticket, call Cameron to discuss options.

Missouri statutes define a restricted driving privilege as follows:

“. . . a sixty-day driving privilege issued by the director of revenue following a suspension of driving privileges for the limited purpose of driving in connection with the driver’s business, occupation, employment, formal program of secondary, postsecondary or higher education, or for an alcohol education or treatment program or certified ignition interlock provider, or a ninety-day interlock restricted privilege issued by the director of revenue for the limited purpose of driving in connection with the driver’s business, occupation, employment, seeking medical treatment for such driver or a dependent family member, attending school or other institution of higher education, attending alcohol- or drug-treatment programs, seeking the required services of a certified ignition interlock provider, fulfilling court obligations, including required appearances and probation and parole obligations, religious services, the care of a child or children, including scheduled visitation or custodial obligations pursuant to a court order, fueling requirements for any vehicle utilized, and seeking basic nutritional requirements . . .”

Source: RSMO 302.010(20)

There are a number of ways that restricted driving privileges play into our representation of those facing DWI and other charges.

Call Cameron today to discuss them.

The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) together with law enforcement agencies nationwide will be implementing the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over 2016 campaign between Friday, August 19 and Labor Day Monday, September 5. This will be a time when DWI enforcement and visibility will be increased.

DWI is a preventable offense, one which negatively impacts the offender and many other innocent people.

At this time of the year, when so many are celebrating the end of summer by taking to the roads for one more long weekend of fun, it is important to be aware of the risks and impact of drunk driving, which includes “buzzed driving”.

Remember: Do not Drink and Drive.


Buzzed busted and broke

Did you know that you may need to go to court to convince a judge that you should keep your license? Difficulties in mental or physical conditions that come to the attention of certain people can make this a reality. However, under some circumstances theses cases are “winnable,” with the right strategy.

Call Cameron today to discuss your challenging license case.

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