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“…Sure, I handle DWIs…”


Are You Current On All DWI Laws?

What if you only defend DWI charges about twice a year? You’re not a drunk driving attorney and perhaps you don’t know the relevant and current issues cold. Maybe you’re not exactly sure about what to look for in the reports, which to you look like about 80% meaningless. Did you ask if the client has a CDL? What do you do with the video when the client looks really drunk?

It should be alright, …right?

Maybe the stakes are higher than usual, and this one may not be the best one to just “plead out.”

It could be that your client’s best interests are served by referring the case, in whole or in part, to an attorney with the kind of experience that counts.

Cameron “stays in his lane” and focuses on being a drunk driving attorney. He is proud and humbled that other attorneys who have argued their clients’ cases to him when he was hearing examiner are now comfortable consulting him on their current cases, and that they refer other clients and attorneys to him for the same reason.

Cameron regularly reviews what other attorneys have said were “unwinnable” cases, only to take them on and win. His familiarity with the NHTSA DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Program provides the ability to exploit the failures of law enforcement or the state, in many cases changing your and your client’s experience entirely.

Experience Wins Cases

Call Cameron and work with an experienced DWI lawyer on your case. Now more than ever, the DWI charge comes with more for you, and your client, to worry about. Everything, from start to finish, is relevant to what you do while the case is pending, and what your client will do for years going forward.

Your client’s best interests might be served by securing Cameron’s DWI defense experience, whether it means referring the entire matter, just the administrative, or simply hiring him to conduct an in-depth review the case. When your client’s DWI charges put their driving privileges and freedom at stake, now may be the best time to call Cameron.

Cameron will always take that call or return that message.


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