Suspensions of License

You can lose your license for numerous reasons, including:

Administrative DWI suspensions and revocations (BAC result), administrative hearing and bench trials de novo
Refusal to submit to chemical test
Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID)
Zero tolerance violations (for underage drivers)
Mandatory Insurance, Security suspension, and failure to file an accident report
Medical fitness to drive citation (medical/physical exam, written/skills test)
Limited driving privileges during denials of 1-10 years
Child support suspensions for failure to pay
Ignition interlock device tempering and failure to maintain
Failure to Appear suspensions
License issuance denials
Out-of-state interaction with Missouri license status
Missouri issues interacting with out-of state license status
Points suspensions (alcohol and non-alcohol related)

If you get a letter from the DOR about your license, call Cameron!

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