DWI on I-70?

Plenty of people in and around the metro come to KC for its great sports and entertainment environment. If you live within 20 minutes of the sports complex, P&L, or your favorite hangouts, count yourself lucky. Many others have to get on the highway for significant mileage before arriving at the party, or getting back home.

With the end of the baseball season in the distance, and football just around the corner, keep in mind that there is a fair chance that you will be targeted for investigation if you are driving on I-70 at certain times, regardless if you came from the game or a bar.

Common reasons for being stopped include speeding, weaving, erratic speed, headlight/taillight out, license plate out, turn signal out, expired registration, or even following too close! Then, if there is something for the police to key in on once they talk to you, other consequences quickly come into play.

Not only that, highway stops and highway patrol investigations present their own challenges. We are prepared to meet them all, however.

In case you’re wondering, Cameron is an attorney licensed in Kansas AND Missouri.

We get out east to Booneville, and west to Topeka, give or take. If you have been cited on I-70 for moving violations, drug crimes, or DWI/DUI, give Cameron a call.

Missouri and Kansas differ in how they regulate drivers.

Missouri operates on a points system. Generally, getting 8 points in 18 months, or 12 in 12 months results in a suspension of your license.

Kansas uses a system of “moving violations,” any three of which within 12 months will result in a suspension of your license. K.S.A. 92-52-9 outlines the violations comprising the “moving violations.”

Thus, in theory, it is possible to receive three 2-point violations in Missouri and not be suspended, but three similar moving violations in Kansas could result in a suspension.

Many facts must be taken into account before these generalities can be applied to your specific situation (like, where you are licensed and where you are cited), so call today to discuss your traffic tickets.


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